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Contract Analyst



Access and Integration Contract Analyst
Active Directory / LDAP single sign-on
Google Single Sign-On
Legacy System Integration Yes
Microsoft Office Integration No
Mobile Access No
Chat Integration No
Multi-Currency Display No
Multi-Currency Auto-Conversion
Multi-Language No
API Availability No
Web Services API
Integrates with Google Docs
Automation Contract Analyst
Document Comparison
Graphical Workflow Editor
Lifecycle Management Yes
Negotiation Workflow Yes
Custom Triggers Based on Record Changes
Built-in OCR:
Contract header auto-preview:
Contract Management Specific Contract Analyst
Approval Process Control Yes
Completion Tracking Yes
Contract Drafting Yes
Email Notifications Yes
Escalation Management Yes
Invoice & Payment Tracking Yes
Easy Custom Reporting
Template Management Yes
Customizable Contract Analyst
Custom Tables and Relationships
Custom User Interface Yes
Customizable Fields Yes
Customizable Reporting Yes
Dynamic Field Visibility
Data Security Contract Analyst
Barcode Security No
Digital Signature No
Dynamic Access Permissions
Field Level Access Permissions No
Searching Contract Analyst
Indexing / Full Text Search of Database
Indexing / Full Text Document Search
Complex Saved Searches
System Features Contract Analyst
Data Import/Export Yes
Database Support Yes
Deployment Model
HIPAA Compliance No
ITIL Support
SLA Management
Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance No
Support for multi-tabbed forms
Offline Client support
Costs and Risks Contract Analyst
Server OS Support
Product Warranty None
Product Warranty Criteria At vendor's discretion
Services Warranty 30 days
Services Warranty Criteria At vendor's discretion
Approximate Cost 10385