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Every contract management system has different strengths/weakness, so no system is right for everyone. But now you instantly can find the system that is right for you though this universal RFP. Simply pick the features that are important to you and it will immediately find the systems that support them.

To compare document management solutions, select the appropriate checkboxes in the table below and click the Search button.

This table contains the functionality that we believe is most critical, but your needs may be different. So as you move forward in the evaluation process, add additional questions to reflect company-specific needs and ignore functionality that is not relevant to you.

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Access and Integration
Active Directory / LDAP single sign-on

LDAP / AD provides a centralized repositary of user information and so eliminates the need to maintain this data on multiple systems.

Google Single Sign-On

Google Single Sign-on eliminates multiple sign-on screens and improves security, facilitating a better experience for your users and IT staff.

Legacy System Integration

The integration of data between a legacy system and some other software program using HL-7 standards.

Microsoft Office Integration

Microsoft Office Integration helps to smooth the workflow between document creation and the review process where it is uploaded to a server.

Mobile Access

Mobile access allows users to connect to the system remotely through a mobile device.

Chat Integration

Built in chatting tool for faster communication

Multi-Currency Display

Multi-Currency is used to describe a system that can display costs in multiple currencies

Multi-Currency Auto-Conversion

Multi-Currency Auto-Conversion is used to describe a system that can automatically convert data between multiple currencies using dynamic services such as an online feed of current exchange ranges


Multi-Language is used to describe a system that can be displayed in multiple languages


This may be: Pure Web, meaning that all access, including administrative functions are managed via a browser. Web/Client, meaning that most functions are accessed via a browser, but some require client software or Client/server, meaning that all access is via client software

API Availability

An application programming interface (API) is an interface implemented by a software program which enables it to interact with other software. It facilitates interaction between different software programs similar to the way the user interface facilitates interaction between humans and computers.

Web Services API

Web services are typically application programming interfaces (API) or web APIs that are accessed via HTTP and executed on a remote system hosting the requested services.


REST API is an alternative to the Web Services (SOAP) API style and is typically a lot simpler and easier to use. See Wikipedia for more details.

Integrates with Google Docs      
Document Comparison

Auto-comparison of attached files helps to identify document changes to enhance the proofing and editing stages of document creation.

Graphical Workflow Editor

A Graphical Workflow Editor allows you to visually control, automate and enforce how data is processed. This allows complex processes to be rapidly modeled and automated, with the added benefits that the resulting process can be visually inspected for correctness by internal staff or auditors.

Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle management helps to plan out the current and future actions of a contract.

Negotiation Workflow

A specialized process designed to help direct the negotiation process.

Custom Triggers Based on Record Changes

Triggers based on record changes can be used to notify involved users or carry out more complex actions that move a record along a given workflow. For example, a trigger might be configured to alert the owner of a contract if it's priority was changed.

Built-in OCR:

Converts image files such as .jpeg into text

Contract header auto-preview:

Automatically displays the first few lines of attached documents

Contract Management Specific
Approval Process Control

Approval process control keeps managers involved as documents are assessed by enforcing a predetermined workflow

Completion Tracking

Completion tracking helps to ensure goals were met and projects were successfully finished

Contract Drafting

Contract Drafting is the heart of any true Contract management software.

Email Notifications

Email notifications can alert users of important events even if they aren't logged into the system at the moment.

Escalation Management

Escalation management makes sure that the right person will be notified if a record needs escalation.

Invoice & Payment Tracking

Invoice and Payment tracking includes many features that help with reporting, estimating and billing services.

Easy Custom Reporting

Custom Reports are used to summarize information in an efficient manner and almost all systems include some reports. However this section refers to the ability of the admin to create new reports, based on custom fields, without programming.

Template Management

Template management helps to keep document templates under control by organizing and tracking all changes system wide.

Custom Tables and Relationships

Custom Tables allows creation of custom data base tables with fields (aka colums), workflows and business rules designed for a particular purpose. For example, a table of Service Contracts may contain a different set of fields and support different business processes than a table of Lease Contracts.

Custom User Interface

Different groups of users may use the product for different purposes and therefore be best served by different interfaces.

Customizable Fields

Individual fields can be added and removed from form templates or their purpose can be changed to fit the need of the business

Customizable Reporting

Customized reporting enables powerful data mining and precise analysis of key information

Dynamic Field Visibility

Dynamic Field Visibility increases the effectiveness of your forms by only showing information that is relevant. For example, the field «Approved By» might only be shown for contracts that have completed the draft stage and reached a workflow state where they can be approved

Data Security
Barcode Security

Barcodes are a safe and simple way to identify documents.

Digital Signature

A digital signature proves the authenticity of a digital file.

Dynamic Access Permissions

Dynamic Access Permissions are permissions based on the content of a record. For example, you might want to allow members of a Reseller group to view Contracts where the «Referred By» field contained their company name.

Field Level Access Permissions

This refers to the systems ability to control not only which groups of users can edit or view a record, but whether they can view/edit individual fields (aka colums) such as Priority or Date Required

Indexing / Full Text Search of Database

Full Text Search (FTS) search allows staff and end users in finding the information, in a second or two, no matter how many records are in the database.

Indexing / Full Text Document Search

Full Text Search of attached files allows users to find text in Contracts, for example in Word format, that are attached to records in a second or two, no matter how many contracts there are, without the need for manually adding document keywords or descriptions to the database.

Complex Saved Searches

The ability to define complex saved searches increases productivity by finding all relevant records. For example, you may want to create a search named «Needed Immediate Attention» with criteria such as «All Contracts that are in a State of Open and the Required Date is earlier than today's date or are in a state of Review and the Required Date – 1 day is earlier than today's date and have a Priority or Urgent»

System Features
Data Import/Export

Importing allows large amounts of data to be elegantly added to the system, while export saves a database in a standardized format that can be read by a wide range of products

Database Support

Centralized databases are the heart of most contract management systems.

Deployment Model

Choices are SaaS, Purchased or Both. Both means that the system can be rented as a SaaS service or purchased and deployed behind the firewall.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance ensures that all government regulations are met and records are kept secure by HIPAA standards.

ITIL Support

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) gives detailed descriptions of a number of important IT practices and provides comprehensive checklists, tasks and procedures that any IT organization can tailor to its needs.

SLA Management

A service level agreement (SLA) is a part of a service contract where the level of service is formally defined. SLA support helps to ensure that agreements are met.

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

Sarbanes-Oxley compliance ensures that all regulations are met and records are handled correctly.

Support for multi-tabbed forms

Multi-tabbed forms make the GUI simpler and easier to use by allowing fields within a record to be displayed on separate tabs. For example, fields relevant to one department may be placed on a separate tab to fields used by another.

Offline Client support

Includes an offline client that will automatically synchronize documents when re-connected

Costs and Risks
Server OS Support

This refers to the operating system that the server software runs on. Choices are Windows, Linux, Both

Product Warranty

Choices are None,At least 30 days,At least 60 days,At least 90 days. Meaning that if the product proves unsatisfactory, can the buyer obtain a full refund after: 30 days, 60 days, 90 days

Product Warranty Criteria

if there is a product warranty and the warranty period has not expired, can the warranty can be exercised: Unconditional, Subject to legal conditions defined in the contract, At vendorís discretion.

Services Warranty

Choices are None,At least 30 days,At least 60 days,At least 90 days. Meaning that if any consulting or support services associated with the product prove unsatisfactory, can the buyer obtain a full refund after: 30 days, 60 days, 90 days

Services Warranty Criteria

If there is a services warranty and the warranty period has not expired, can the warranty can be exercised: Unconditional, Subject to legal conditions defined in the contract, At vendorís discretion

Approximate Cost

Cost to purchase or rent software for 20 staff users, for a period of three years, including support and upgrades and all modules or functionality for which the above questions were answered Yes

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